Friday, November 2, 2012

100 great vegan quotes

I found this great website and thought I'd share it. It is filled with wonderful quotes from a variety of people who all speak to kindness, empathy and not killing animals. I highly recommend it.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Wonderful interview with Chef AJ

Chef AJ has written a book called, "Unprocessed" which is available on her website.

It's a wonderfully direct book with lots of great tips, however, she is also a wonderful interviewee!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Funny interview with Lance Armstrong!

As some of you may know. Rip Esselstyn who is a famous "Plant Strong" former triathlete, has recently been training again with his former competitor, Lance Armstrong who is also a former triathlete before he focused on cycling. Rip mentioned this in the presentation I attended at the Whole Foods market in Annapolis, Maryland back a few months ago. I just read an article on Lance Armstrong where he mentions his training buddy, Rip. It's quite humorous how he describes Rip's diet! The brownie part is particularly humorous!


Here's a section of the interview that mentions Rip. There's more in the article. HPC is the interviewer and LA is of course, Lance.

"HPC: Do you have a certain way you approach food?
LA: I didn’t for a long time until about a month ago until I started messing around with this new diet.
HPC: What changed?
LA: I started swimming again, and I swim with a guy [ed's note: former triathlete Rip Esselstyn] who started basically a food program called the Engine 2 Diet, which is a plant-based, 100% natural, organic diet. His dad was a famous cardiologist who did Forks Over Knives, and was President Clinton’s doctor. Clinton has gone to a completely vegan diet and he’s essentially erased his heart disease.
It’s basically whole grains, different types of beans, kale salad with creative alternatives for dressing. They’ll bring out something that looks like a brownie, but it’s not a brownie … though it tastes a bit like a brownie. So I did it for one day, then two days. Then I branched out and started doing it at breakfast and lunch. I still insist that I get to do whatever I want for dinner. But it’s made a significant difference in just in a month."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How do you prevent animal abuse?

You prevent animal abuse by blocking animal rights people and reporters from finding out about it!

Republican Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa has signed into legislation a law designed to prevent folks from reporting on animal abuses! It states that anyone who lies in order to work on a farm (essentially to film what is going on) can now be prosecuted with jail sentences of up to 1 year and $1,500 or more if found guilty more than once! Read it for yourself.

This is not the way to improve factory farms covering up the problems certainly doesn't help!



Meat is the new Tobacco!

I saw this on Huffington Post and had to repost it. Kathy Freston mentions Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. in her indictment of meat being a major cause of chronic and fatal illness in the general public. This is a wonderful read!

More later,

Friday, January 20, 2012

I met Rip Esselstyn in Annapolis

I enjoyed meeting Rip Esselstyn at the Whole Foods in Annapolis on the 19th of January. He is a dynamic speaker and had a great time doing his presentation. There was also a showing of "Fork over Knives" which is a terrific movie that shows how eating a Plant Strong diet can really change your life.

Thanks to Whole Foods for putting on the talk. They are leading the way in changing America's eating habits!

I wish that my camera worked since I (almost) got a picture of us together!

More later,